Xbmc updating to frodo

coming with new builds now contain all required information to correctly set your main settings like Overcloking values, still information above are correct ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Overclocking is not officially supported by Open ELEC, if you do so this is at your own decision and own risk.Overclocking feature may result in file system corruption, data losses, crashed or global instability.Open ELEC developers won't give any warranty about those risks until a fix is officially supported.Therefore, Overclocking on Raspberry Pi will not break your guarantee if you use the new Turbo Mode which is described bellow.title=Building_and_Installing_Open ELEC_for_Raspberry_Pi Open ELEC Forum for Raspberry Pi: If you have any issue, this is the place to go!

Anyway, you when your setup is done, see backup and restore section, this way if you have data corruption you could easily restore your flash card without re-installing. limit=20&start=20 It will force turbo mode after boot for the time set (max 60 secs) and should help preventing data corruption.

(only setting overvoltage without dynamic frequency allocation would break your Raspberry's warranty) Overclocking is still under work in Open ELEC and Raspberry Pi in general, this is an experimental feature and you should be prepared to restore your installation in case of trouble.

(see section How to backup and restore) ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** OVERCLOCKING: ********************************************************************************* Edit 09/23/2012: The Raspberry foundation introduced recently a new overclocking mode which sets on demand frequencies, you can now overclock your Raspberry Pi without breaking the guarantee. Data Corruption: Many people have data corruption and instability with higher overclocking modes, this seems to be related to high values of overvoltage.

To do so, do as follows: SSH activation through Open ELEC OS Addon SSH is now off by default and can be activated using the Open ELEC OS addon, under the section "Services".

To access to the Open ELEC OS Addon: - Main menu "Programs" / Sub-menu "Open ELEC OS" - Mai menu "Parameters" then Programs Choose to activate the SSH daemon under the section Services, and reboot.

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