Wsus server clients not updating

This should be enough to get your Windows 10 machines talking to WSUS, however there are some circumstances where this won’t be.

If you had already synced updates to WSUS for Windows 10, prior to the Hotfix 3095113 being released, this may apply to you.

To run the SQL commands, you can load up SQL Management, connect to the WID by entering the following: In the SQL Management Studio you can expand the SUSDB and start a new query. So you have configured your WSUS, got your Windows 10 machines showing up and reporting status. In addition to that, you will find a file in c:\windows\Software Distribution called Reporting which shows a basic outline of what the Windows Update client is doing.

It seems that even though you have set the Detection Frequency to hourly, the client computer is not going to report its status hourly.

This again is related to processing time, but, simply lowering the frequency is not enough due to the differences in how the Windows Update Client now works.

First thing we need to do is make sure your server is patched to support Windows 10. KB3159706 includes manual steps to complete, which are: You may find these changes are already present, if not enter those highlighted, and save the file. We need to make some adjustments to IIS which we can do with Power Shell.

The fix for that was easy, and required creating and populating that folder.

There are commands you can run to try to manipulate the Windows Update Client, however i have not seen any command that magically made a client device refresh status to WSUS before it was ready.The issue is described here in a blog post which focuses on Windows 10 1511, additionally another KB article which is for 1607 describes an issue where you had synced updates prior to KB3159706 being installed.We have to purge these updates out of the WSUS Database, which requires declining them deleting them and removing them from the DB using SQL Commands, once the hotfixes have been installed we can then download the updates again.Neither of which were working to support Windows 10.When logging in to it to begin working on Windows 10, i noticed that not many clients had actually reported status. Clients not reporting is again another issue that plagues WSUS administrators the world over with various fixes and tweaks.

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