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Instead they offer personal fulfilment, meditation and ways to turn individuals into “better people”, unlocking their “hidden potential”.

This can include quite individualised beliefs, such as participating in forms of meditation and there is much overlap with New Age Movements.

They neither affirm nor reject the world, but they do adapt in order to ensure they can peacefully live within it.

This has led to the development of typologies of cults and other New Religious Movements.For Wallis, cults do not claim to have found the truth, nor do they condemn those who are not part of their group.One typology of cults was developed by Wallis and a contrasting one by Stark and Bainbridge (1975).According to Roy Wallis (1984) cults differ from sects in that they are individualised, loosely-organised, tolerant and make very few demands on their adherents.This is almost the opposite of what we tend to mean by cult in popular usage and popular culture.

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