Word application screenupdating not working

The active worksheet is shown as empty since Screen Updating is off 3) more operations on the workbook are done (but you can't see them being done as Screen Updating is off, you still just see an empty worksheet) 4) after the operations are completed. Add-in Express provides a way of its own; please check section Wait a Little in the PDF file, see the folder \Docs on your development PC.

At times, still you will want to identify the add-in which has crashed your work recently.

Is there such a way to make sure that it can get shown in the middle of a function call?

Similarly in my own code, which I had trouble making a sample that has the same behavior.

Spotting the trouble maker behind this bug will help you make the WORD stable again.

From the beginner who has just learnt to operate the computer to the veterans, Microsoft word is being used by everyone.

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