Whos dating james franco

However, that didn’t stop the media guessing that there was trouble in paradise not long after they tied the knot.

Well, it turns out that Dave must’ve been eating a few burgers while on set because his finger was too fat the ring.

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Swinging constant punches in rehearsal, Gibson said that Franco refused to lighten up. For five films, Pattinson brought the brooding smizing of that twinkly vamp to our screens in an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's popular series.

Speaking to Elle during the run up to Season 7, she said she was done trying to date those she meets in the workplace.

Brother of James Franco who played Cole Aaronson on the ninth season of the TV series Scrubs, then had his breakthrough film role in the 2012 comedy 21 Jump Street. He made his film debut as the character Greg in the hit 2007 comedy Superbad.

The actress who plays her hasn't had much better luck off screen. Or is she just waiting for that nephew she never knew she had to sweep her off her feet?

Clarke is single, though you'd be surprised at the men she's dated already in hopes of finding that dragon man to match her.

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