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“It’s so normal in our home,” she told Harper’s Bazaar., a fish-out-of-water comedy about New York newlyweds who leave behind kombucha and ashwagandha hot teas for actual wellness as Nebraskan farmers.As co-creator, Bell knew she needed the legendary actress Pam Grier on board.I don’t want my kids to romanticize the act of smoking anything until they’re old enough to understand the difference [between the two].” The couple, who said they love using Beboe products during the day to “stay sharp” and at night to unwind, believe that weed shouldn’t be treated any differently than wine. We have the wine around, and we have the Beboe around. It’s nothing strange or weird or coveted.” Still, Bell told Ember she prefers weed over wine as a working mom, as it doesn’t have the same effect on her the morning after use, a point Campbell reiterated to Harper’s.“I don’t really hide [my weed use],” she told Med Men’s cannabis magazine Ember, according to Us Weekly. “To drink a half bottle of wine versus smoke a little weed?

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