Who is jennifer hudson dating 2016

, Hudson alleged that a jealous Otunga called her several times while she was at a recording session in Chicago.

When he couldn't reach her, she claimed he had their son try to film her for him to prove she was romantically involved with the producer. Otunga's only concern that evening was putting the child to bed so that he could be well rested for school.

[Otunga] wanted me to come out to Florida with him instead of going to Chicago," Hudson told that Balfour's conviction on three counts of murder helped everyone begin to move forward.

"That was something that was hanging over our heads for so long, and now we feel like we can finally breathe a sigh of relief," he said. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful woman in my life who cares for our child so lovingly. Otunga would be the parent granted residential care of the child, as a result of Mr.

"I tell David all the time, 'You saved my life.'"And in 2012, when David was just a baby, Hudson told that becoming a mom was a life changing experience for her.

"Everything I see, I now see through a mother's eyes," she said.

Jennifer Hudson is in no rush to tie the knot with her longtime fiancé, David Otunga.

The Oscar winner was quizzed about their relationship when she dropped by The Ellen De Generes Show on Wednesday, April 26. “It’s been a thought obviously,” she told Essence magazine in August 2016.

"That's one of the things that saved my life, because I could have been home with my mom then.

The situation reportedly prompted her to obtain a protective order against him.

People viewing the fireworks from the comfort of their own home this 4th of July are going to be blown away by the show.

It's made me love her just that much more." Despite their engagement in 2008 and the birth of their son in 2009, the pair never married—which makes Hudson's reasoning for not walking down the aisle all the more bizarre. reported that Otunga and Hudson ended their relationship after he accused her of having an affair with music producer Mali Music. Otunga in his personal life can attest to the fact that he is a highly educated, sophisticated, and non-violent man, and that his primary concern in life is caring for the parties' son… Hudson is much less available to care for the child as a result of her constant traveling, but Mr. Hudson of the child's activities and whereabouts." , Hudson alleged: "David knows that I am and have been very sensitive to firearms after my mother and my brother were murdered by a firearm… Otunga being the child's primary caregiver while Ms. Hudson decided to file a meritless Petition for Order of Protection in an effort to gain an unfair advantage in the custody dispute…

Despite the breakup, the couple reportedly continued to live together while trying to reach a custody agreement for their son. I believe that he left it out to taunt, intimidate and frighten me, which he absolutely accomplished." , "David Otunga has been trying to negotiate the terms of an amicable parenting agreement with Ms.

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