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Ironically, two of those guests involved in this incident have falsely accused our staff of racial discrimination.The West Bloomfield police were called in during this incident to assist with the unruly behavior of certain guests.That manager chose the side that says 'it's okay to be racist towards your black patrons, it's okay to deny them service, it's okay to deny them their basic humanity'," Davis said. He told FOX 2 his story last week that the manager on duty was unhelpful as people called him racial slurs and threw food at him. Alexander's, he had to bus his own table while employees watched and that they had their order mixed up and sitting at separate locations in the restaurant.Gant said the bartender was told not to serve her - but to serve everyone else at the bar. He said then he felt they were being racially profiled."When I pointed out to her that we were feeling like we were racially profiled - based on observation in the restaurant, based on how they interacted with white patrons - (the manager) simply stated to us that she's walking away," Jefferson said.Despite that, she said the bartender told the two white men to take their seats.When she refused, she said the bartender took the drink away from her, poured it in the sink, and told Gant she wouldn't serve her."I sat there for a couple of minutes, trying to just really understand what happened. She walked me back to the bar and said 'do you want to sit in the dining room?The long-running, competitive show stole our hearts from the start of cycle 1 back in 2003 when Tyra Banks was still our adored host.

Liah Gant sat with her attorney, Maurice Davis and Jerrick Jefferson, another man who said the restaurant discriminated against him that same night, during a press conference on Tuesday, recounting their experiences at the West Bloomfield restaurant.We do not tolerate any diversion from this policy and likewise do not tolerate any inappropriate behavior from either guests or employees.On June 20, our staff and many of our guests experienced an unfortunate incident that disrupted the otherwise pleasant dining environment in our West Bloomfield restaurant.We have always adhered to a strict non-discrimination policy for all our restaurant staff and guests to ensure the best possible working and dining environment.This includes treating every customer with the same non-discriminatory service.

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