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Chris, pissed off about Bitburg, says the note is coming down pronto.

From the Curtis-Guest bathroom window, one can spy Jamie’s agent, who is lying alongside the apartment-house pool with aluminum panels under his chin.

The American Cancer Society-which had hired Tony as national chairman for its I QUIT program — was not amused.

Still, the Bronx-born Bernie Schwartz kept enough of his sense of humor to waste David Susskind. Middlebrow, Curtis blurted, “Better men than Susskind have called me lousy.” Kid Jamie was of no age to understand.

Because she is a nice person, Jamie meets the minimum daily Hollywood dish requirement. Once in a while we’d sit around his trailer and talk.” During these infrequent schmoozes, Jamie came to a nice person’s conclusion.

“John and I were never sociable together,” she says. “I think John,” she announces, “is misjudged a lot” So is she — but that doesn’t mean Jamie covets Travolta’s center-slide position under the public microscope.

“I like the fact that I’m not going to be responsible for whether is a success or failure,” she says.

“Not that John’s participation is going to make it a success or failure, but he and other people will get the focus of the success or the nonsuccess of the movie. It’s just another step up for me.” Travolta, she muses, reminds her of another man-child idol whom the unforgiving Hollywood pagans first bowed down to, then broke apart with ball-peen hammers.

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The ceremony was performed in the suite of Buddy Hackett, the comedian, at the Sahara hotel about 2 A. Tony’s most amazing stunt, however, was getting busted for pot in 1970 at London’s Heathrow Airport.

About two months into training, she began giving aerobics lessons at the Beverly Hills Sports Connection, the Wailing Wall of the West Coast fitness religion. These hyperkinetic shots — all of which carry the electricity of Busby Berkeley with a backbeat — are the movie’s best. Finally, it came time to shoot the credit sequences, which would be filmed as a frenetic workout scene.

Jamie had lost ten pounds of muscle in the intervening months — a weight loss that is noticeable in the final cut.

This time, Mertz got so excited with her piping hot dish of bad news that she could barely contain herself.

She rang bells: URGENTHOLLYWOOD, March 17 (AP) — Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh split up today after more than ten years of marriage.……

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