Who is heidi rhoades dating

” But according to Michaels, that isn't necessarily a bad thing “It’s nice.

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series, which shows how Jillian Michaels met Heidi Rhoades, her partner, and eventually formed the tight-knit little family you can see on the show."Our relationship happened to intersect with my desire to be a parent, and Heidi was supportive," Michaels told People.Eventually, as their relationship became more serious, Rhoades decided to also try to get pregnant.In fact, according to Us Weekly, the author, TV personality and all-around badass told reporters at the Stand Up to Cancer Live broadcast event on Friday, September 7 that dating is the last thing on her mind."When you have kids, it’s almost impossible to allow other things to, like, f—k with you because they just demand 100 percent of your attention!

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