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Mc Court's own mother had denied the accuracy of his stories shortly before her death in 1981, shouting from the audience during a stage performance of his recollections that it was "all a pack of lies." However, at the very least, many of his Stuyvesant High School students remembered quite clearly the mordant childhood anecdotes that he continually told during sessions of his senior-level Creative Writing (E7W-E8W) elective.Mc Court wrote the book for a 1997 musical entitled The Irish…Brothers Malachy and Michael followed him to New York and so, later, did their mother Angela.In 1951, Mc Court was drafted during the Korean War and sent to Bavaria for two years initially training dogs, then as a clerk.

Eventually Mc Court recounts that Malachy Senior abandoned Frank's mother altogether, leaving her to raise her four surviving children, on the edge of starvation, without any source of income. Frank then held odd jobs and stole bread and milk in an effort to provide for his mother and three surviving brothers.

Francis Mc Court (August 19, 1930 – July 19, 2009) was an Irish-American teacher and writer.

He won a Pulitzer Prize for his book Angela's Ashes, a tragicomic memoir of the misery and squalor of his childhood.

Upon his discharge from the US Army, he returned to New York City, where he held a series of jobs on docks, in warehouses, and in banks.

Using his GI Bill education benefits, Mc Court talked his way into New York University by claiming he was intelligent and read a great deal; they admitted him on one year's probation provided he maintained a B average.

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