Who is candice accola dating in real life

So that’s really how I got involved in working on the series.I was just elated at the opportunity to play around with comedy with muscles that I haven’t necessarily worked before. But I’ve definitely been through changes in my life and discovering the possibility of true love.But it was really fun to play an older version of Chloe as well. Then we’re also going to be getting to know a past relationship that may persuade her to change her stance on love not being real.To see exactly how love sneaks up on Chloe and persuades her to give it another chance, as well as to see Candice shine in such an effervescent role, be sure to watch DATING RULES OF MY FUTURE SELF, which premieres August 1st on Hulu and beginning Thursday, August 2, it will also be available on Facebook.CANDICE: As creative producer, they brought me in to discuss storylines, contribute ideas, contribute my own perspective or funny quotes or funny things from my own life or from my friends’ lives.

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CANDICE: I worked with Bob Levy and Alloy Entertainment before on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, so that was the initial beginning of it all.

It was just a great opportunity from Alloy Entertainment, Bob Levy and Chip Reed to come and be a part of the project and I was very excited from the very beginning.

So just exploring some of those and being a part of the casting process.

They really just took me under their wings and showed me this other side of the business that I’ve been eager to see.

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