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and is perfect for blasting at full volume in your car, or in the shower, or while you're getting ready for a date.

Sure, Jessie J brought us "Bang Bang" with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, but "Domino" might truly be her best work and every word of it is AIM away-message worthy.

Crush-worthy lyrics: I don't want this to end / And there's no need to play pretend / If you stay with me again / Would you mind closing the bedroom doorsoundtrack (a classic) and despite being 10 years old, still stands true as a modern classic.

The song and the album earned her two Grammy nominations and gained her crossover recognition.

Crush-worthy lyric: You're like a shot of pure gold / I think I'm bout to explode / I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air / Now I'm breathing like I'm running cause you're taking me there / Don't you know you spin me out of control This song is a beautiful ballad and definitely slows things down compared to other songs on this list.

When you think you've found someone that feels super special — the person that stands out in a crowd — this is the song you're going to want to listen to.

Crush-worthy lyrics: You got me trippin', stumblin', flippin', fumblin' / Clumsy 'cause I'm fallin' in love This song was the first from the pop duo and is all about that picturesque love story that feels like you're in a movie.

Crush-worthy lyrics: Let's fall into lo-ove tonight (Oh, I) / Come and scoop me up in your ride (Oh, I) / It'll be like in the movies / With your bass pumpin' in the night (Outside my window) / Let's fall into lo-ove tonight, (Oh, I).

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