White girl dating asian guy

“All the dating data I’ve seen fits Ok Cupid’s pattern: black people and Asian men get short shrift,” noted an Ok Cupid study from 2014.

Vu, who went through Y Combinator with two separate startups before launching Color Dating, said that the online dating experience — particularly for quick-swipe apps like Tinder — can be frustrating for minorities.

It’s more powerful when Asian men develop alpha attributes.

There’s this idea that Asian men are passive and weak so when an Asian man exudes confidence and sexuality he’s unique.

Color Dating aims to facilitate more positive messages around interracial dating.Many Asian men have a lot of things going for them, so when they challenge themselves to become more daring the impact is much greater.There are Asian men who White women find sexy, and these Asian men embody the essence of what it means to be attractive.It emphasizes racial preferences and asks users their sex and ethnicity, along with what sex and ethnicity they are interested in, when they create an account. “The founder complains about being judged by race, and then proceeds to build an app based entirely about judging people by race?From there, the experience is Tinder-like, with swiping and matches. ” Maybe I wasn’t clear, but what I meant to explain is that overtime, I felt like the racial judgment against me wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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