When to give out your phone number online dating dating lost momentum

I am super honest about using an alternate number, and once I get a feeling for how a guy really is, he gets the real phone number.

It’s usually on a first date, because I am a pretty good judge of character and I can usually tell after spending a few hours with a guy. You can download Sideline for Android devices here.

Just him calling it that – clearly that is not the kind of dude I want to date. If you live in a country that doesn’t work with Sideline – I am pretty sure this is only for the United States, I recommend using KIK, which is also a free messaging app and you can just use a random username so that it’s not your first and last name, etc.

I kept talking to him for a few more days, but decided I wasn’t interested and declined a date and stopped speaking to him. My ex husband and I used KIK to communicate over wifi when he worked in Trinidad and Barbados 50% of the month.

If she calls you, you know shes interested and if she doesnt well then she wasnt interested. The general opinion here is that girls VERY RARELY make the first call so giving them your number instead of getting theirs is almost always a losing proposition.

Once you start getting a decent amount of numbers you'll soon realize that they mean shit and most would go nowhere, let alone girls making attempts to reach out to you!

I think there is also still this stigma about girls making the first move.

Women in American society still think that most the time the guy should "be the man" and "make the first move" but yet they still try to be entitled bitches rather than obeying the men like they did in the early part of the last century.

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I didn’t realize that this was an option, but it TOTALLY IS! So she began using a free app called Sideline, which allows for texts, photo sharing, phone calls – all from a phone number different than your own.

My friend in NYC advised that I use a Google Voice number, but then we realized that when you send pics through it, it reveals that it’s coming from an alternate number. When someone calls the Sideline number, it rings directly through to your phone and says “Incoming call from Sideline” and your texts from people will still pop up with a notification just like any other app, as long as you have notifications turned on. And you can save their numbers and add to your contact list – it will even show up in your phone contacts. PLUS, since you have their – what we will presume to be real number – you can totally go to Facebook and Instagram and stalk their social media profiles to try and make sure they aren’t married before you agree to a date. I’ve blocked out their nicknames to protect their privacy, but you can see I used the bee emoji to signify meeting them on Bumble, and the fire emoji to signify meeting them on Tinder.

I heard a news report once that when Tim Tebow was in college, an average of 30 women A DAY showed up at his dormitory trying to meet him.

An extreme example sure, but it illustrates the point.

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