When do nikki and jonesy start dating

She is resistant to the idea and wants to remain in town with her friends (even going so far as to room with Jen at the Garcia/Masterson house over Mr. Wong's objections because of Jonesy living under the same roof), and the Wongs later appear to change their minds about moving so that Nikki can remain together with the gang, but Nikki, who realizes that her parents have made sacrifices for her over time, decides to do the same for them and agrees to move up north with them.As one of her final acts before moving, Nikki sticks it to The Clones by quitting the Khaki Barn for good, then at a going away party thrown for her by the gang at Grind Me, she promises to keep in touch with her friends.Nikki falls victim to Chrissy's scheme to try to mold her into the ideal Khaki Barn employee through the use of reverse psychology by making her the store's employee of the month ("Employee of the Month"), but her friends snap her out of the brainwashing techniques used by the Khaki Barn and, after coming to her senses, she makes sure Chrissy knows she won't be controlled.She tries out for the American Idol-like Star Contest and purposely delivers a bad audition to give Wyatt a chance to win the local competition ("Idol Time at the Mall") and is one of the subjects of the song Wyatt performs to win the contest.Delusioned") when his accomplice Caitlin, under the ruse of a breakup with a boyfriend, convinces her to get a fashion makeover, which does not go over well with Nikki when she finds out about the prank.Nikki joins with the gang in throwing a makeshift 16th birthday party for Wyatt, who is wary of such parties due to past experience with his family throwing weirdly-themed parties for him, by covertly hijacking a bridal shower at Albatross & Finch after the gang's busy schedules keep them from planning a proper celebration for him until they're too late ("The Birthday Boy").She was initially unfriendly toward Caitlin, although she later warmed up to her and welcomed her into the gang.Nikki has an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Jonesy, which has gone on since early in the series.

She boycotts celebrating Valentine's Day due to past bad experiences with dates on that day ("Stupid Over Cupid") and she convinces Jen and Caitlin to join her for some dateless fun, then she saves Jonesy, who has set up a Valentine's Day date auction to try to score a date but sees his plan backfire when he gets less-than-welcome bids from some unexpected bidders, by placing a last-second bid which has a price on it for him.

She beats Jude in a staring contest as part of a "Battle of the Sexes" when Jude forgets what he's doing and quickly blinks first ("Bring It On"), then she, Caitlin and Jen lend Jude, Jonesy and Wyatt a hand when the guys are forced to admit defeat after they get in over their heads looking after some bratty kids in the mall's daycare.

She becomes the target of a prank planned and filmed by Jonesy for public access TV ("Cecil B.

They first got together when Jonesy dared her to see a movie with him so he could show her proof of a line that was said, which Nikki disputed, in that movie.

Nikki and Jonesy later split up after a disastrous three-month anniversary celebration and Nikki moves on to dating another guy while Jonesy returns to his old womanizing ways, but they eventually come to realize how much they really mean to each other and they get back together.

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