When did ronnie and sammi start dating

More stupid stuff, "done," "BUT WAIT I LOVE YOU SAMMI! It got so bad that the girls in the house decided to write Sammi a note about all Ronnie's infidelities.

Sammi reads the note, it's very dramatic, she claims this is the last straw, but ultimately Ronnie tells her he loves her and he's sorry (again) and they appear to be back together.

And then there was this season, when it stopped being just stupid and got horrifyingly sad.

Let's go over the basic trajectory of this season's romance: Ronnie going and out, getting really wasted (and probably coked up) and hooking up with a zillion chicks, then coming home, telling the guys he was going to sleep with Sammie-- who, let's recall, is not his girlfriend-- and just getting into her bed. And then he acts like an ass and calls her lovely names like "bitch" and "cunt" and hooks up with more girls.

Abuse like this tends to take a certain form, and unfortunately that often means one party delusionally clinging to another out of hope and desperation.

Emotional abuse, like any other form, becomes a force for manipulation and coercion and you can lose sight of the way out.

She played far more games than he did, and games are never a sign of a healthy relationship.

She's acting stupidly and unwisely, but I don't think what she's doing in front of America is any different than what many of us have done or seen our friends do in a way that isn't as public.

She would fly off the handle and then demand his forgiveness (for example, the "Fred Flinstone toe" incident).

Just like him, she flirted with other people at clubs, even getting some guys' numbers.

He didn't love me and I later realized I didn't love him. When he came home, I told my ex that our relationship was done, he begged for my forgiveness.

He told me he changed and he loved me and that I had abandoned him when really it was he who refused to be committed to me.

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