What is an online dating catfish

She replied ok, then asked to talk to me in another vent channel because she needed to tell me something.

We left channels, she explained that she was not who she said she was and that the picture on our members website was not her.

When you identify their real name, then you can use your Truth Finder membership to learn more about this person.

Download one of the photographs from their profile, and visit images.

Catfishers may be bored, lonely, or even scam artists living in another country. The bad news is that catfishing is far more common than you might expect.

Are they really just the victim of bad luck, or do they have something to hide? If they say that their job requires lots of international travel, it’s time to put your BS-sensor on high alert.

A popular scammer move is to claim that they’ve traveled somewhere for work, such as Africa or the Middle East, and then deliver a frantic message saying they’ve been kidnapped or ended up in some kind of horrible situation abroad.

According to Schulman, when he was making the movie — which focused on him tracking down his fake Facebook girlfriend — he ended up having an interesting conversation with the husband of the catfish who’d been playing Schulman’s girlfriend.

The husband told him a story about the fishing trade, where cod would be transported in giant vats from Alaska to China.

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