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I still have hundreds of contacts, and I use it to talk to my colleagues and test my apps.Who will discover your wonderful post and the wisdom it contains if your title doesn’t incentivize people to click on your article?Your followers are probably experts working in the same industry as you are focusing on, or people who have strong interest in it.They are information hunters with the most sensitive sense of smell, desired to catch up latest news, and also high-quality content which will be helpful for professional skill improvement. Use【】or | to Indicate The Main opic Your followers are looking for product / discount information, they are also expecting to be influenced by your brand spirit.Against the backdrop of We Chat’s surging popularity, Alibaba took a 6-million stake in Sina last year—perhaps unwisely—in a bid to broaden its social media channels.Alibaba is now squaring against Tencent more directly, launching a trio of mobile games.My history with We Chat:2012- My friend George moves to Shanghai, we struggle to stay in touch using Facebook and other services via proxies, VPNs, etc.He finally convinces me to download We Chat, just so he and I can stay in touch.

I help spearhead the Global Shopper initiative, which basically means I start building We Chat apps for our clients.He is my only contact, and I use it only when I talk to him.2013- I have convinced a few other people (my girlfriend, my Chinese friends living in Paris) to add me on We Chat.I have ~10 contacts, and use it a few times a week because it's fun (stickers, games, voice chat).2014- I get a job working at the KENZO flagship store.This is already bringing in droves of new users for We Chat’s in-app payment service, as the blog Tech in Asia points out.The next time they consider making a purchase in We Chat, they won’t be deterred by the tedium of entering in all that bank account info. Amazon and i Tunes have long demonstrated the zillions to be made from dissolving the barriers between customers and their online impulse buy.

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