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Definition: A tooltip is a brief, informative message that appears when a user interacts with an element in a graphical user interface (GUI).

Tooltips are usually initiated in one of two ways: through a mouse-hover gesture or through a keyboard-hover gesture.

Tooltips are microcontent, — short text fragments intended to be self-sufficient.

(If it is, people will have to commit it to their working memory in order to be able to act upon it.) Don't: The Amtrak website put password requirements into a tooltip (accessed via a mouse hover).

Additionally, for users with visual impairments, a white page with light-grey tooltips is especially difficult to read.

When tooltips block the content they’re related to, they cause users to repeat steps (i.e.

Be inclusive in your design and ensure that your tooltips are accessible via keyboards. Use tooltip arrows when multiple elements are nearby.

Arrows are beneficial to clearly identify to which element the tooltip is associated. Tooltips are hard to discover because they often lack visual cues.

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