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You can navigate mac OS with minimal use of a physical keyboard. And Text to Speech can make learning easier by letting you hear what you’re reading and writing.

The Accessibility Keyboard is fully customizable and gives users advanced typing and navigation capabilities. There are also many third-party apps in the App Store, including Touch Chat, to help you communicate more easily.

You can navigate onscreen keyboards and menus with a single tap using Switch Control, customize accessible Multi-Touch gestures to work best for you, or control Home Kit-enabled accessories using just your voice.

[Water rushing] [Bird calls] In his motorized wheelchair, Ian moves along a lush forest trail lined by ferns and tall, moss-covered trees. Ian reclines his chair, framing the rushing waters in the capture screen of the Camera on his armrest-mounted i Phone.

And now with Siri Shortcuts for Home Pod, i OS, and watch OS, you can run multi-action commands through simple phrases custom-designed to fit your needs.

If you have trouble using standard gestures, like pinch, you can use Assistive Touch to change them.

And now Screen Time helps everyone better understand and manage device usage. [Cheering] The three girls smile as they look up at the field. For some students, navigating the web on i Pad, i Phone, or Mac can be sensory overload. It strips away ads, buttons, and navigation bars, allowing you to focus on just the content you want.

Suddenly, she stops and begins moving backward, as if she were in a video being played in reverse. (Sady narrating) When technology is designed for everyone . She moves the final clip into place — a shot of the woman in the wheelchair racing toward the sunset on the horizon. Instead of getting an audio alert, you’ll see a blinking light from the rear flash.

[buttons clicking] Cut to Sady, working with an i Mac at a desk in her home. We want everyone to enjoy the everyday moments that technology helps make possible, so we work to make every Apple product accessible from the very start. Choose from a preset range of color filters on your i Phone or i Pad or fine-tune them.

She moves her head to operate switches on both sides of her wheelchair headrest, typing in Pages through Switch Control. Close-up of the i Mac screen reveals her narration as it’s being typed. The young man is taking a photo of the boy with i Phone. [Camera app shutter sound] Cut to a close-up of a woman’s hand holding an i Phone. Because the true value of a device isn’t measured by how powerful it is, but by how much it empowers you. And turn on Invert Colors on all your devices to instantly change the values and create more contrast.

(Sady narrating) You can concentrate on every word of a story. “Home Before Dark” is the title of the chapter he’s reading. There’s a lot more to closed captioning than just reading dialogue.

His i Pad reads the first sentence aloud, highlighting each word as it is spoken. Cut to a close-up of the boy’s face as he reads and listens. Cut to a close-up of an Apple Watch on a woman’s wrist. You can also use it to display the music and sound effects while you watch movies and TV shows on any Apple device. Don’t miss an incoming Face Time call, text message, email, or notification.

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