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Marker-based biomechanics systems are incredibly precise AND accurate, while markerless systems typically lack the validation required to even make firm conclusions about precision.At Driveline Baseball, we are pushing markerless technology forward by planning hundreds of test cases of marker-based situations vs.Even if you simply project the forearm’s long axis onto a plane perpendicular to upper arm’s long axis, the carrying angle screws that up too.The issues begin somewhere near 25-30 degrees flexion and continue up to full extension – basically the period in which the IR is maxing out.

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Once you read it, you’ll know the secret to solving all the injuries that happen in baseball athletes at the elbow, basketball players at the knee, and use the power of joint torque prediction and analysis to revolutionize the game!

The methods I described above illustrate markerless biomechanics data – this means using multiple cameras to take synchronized footage of an athletic movement and to reconstruct it using DLT to get angular velocities of limbs/body parts and forces at the various joints.

However, there are Rotation about an axis is an easy one to understand.

For example, a common issue that we have found that is a marker for injury is high angular velocity at the elbow and shoulder combined with low ball velocity.

This is an A minor league pitcher fit these definitions a few years ago after coming to us during rehab from bone chips in his elbow.

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