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The psychoanalytic paternal law and the whole of culture itself relies on the maintenance of primal repression due to its perpetually threatening presence.

The AIDS crisis, the Watts Riots, the Anita Hill trial, anti-feminism, and the general collapse of the American welfare state all pointed to a historical scene replete with crisis.

When Lieberman, Smith, and Cotter all critiqued the doom and gloom on display in 1993 and its second wave, it seemed less like an aesthetic judgment and more like the observation of a political reality.

The low critical opinions toward this work only magnified, from the most influential of art historians on modern and contemporary art to the United States Congress.

The organizing object of abject art, institutionally speaking, was , curated in the summer of 1993 by Craig Houser, Simon Taylor, and Leslie C.

Jones, all students of the Whitney’s Independent Study Program (ISP).

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