Validating email javascript

Email validation is an important part of any marketing campaign.

It helps ensure that the data you’re receiving is accurate and won’t hurt your campaign.

You can perform email validation using Java Script to validate an email address in a form field.

The check is done to ensure the proper syntax and structure of an email address has been entered by the user.

Customers want their data protected as much as you want yours protected. Email marketing can be one of the most influential parts of your marketing campaign.

But making sure that you are sending your information to validated emails is necessary to ensure that type of success.

Once you’ve inserted our script onto your site, the real-time verification will be active on your website. Within minutes of updating your source code your email list will be more accurate than ever, giving your email marketing campaign the best chance of success.As a user inputs their email, the script will check the email address instantly, and tell the user if their email is not correct.This is what we like to call our alert and convert method.This type of verification helps you and the customer.As the user puts in their email, the Javascript automatically verifies the data input for accuracy.

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