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For now, it seems like he has a plan to open a Japanese restaurant in London.“Just by it being reported to the media in her hometown that ‘A normal young man marries a Japanese superstar,’ the qualitative differences between them is evident.

On the net, the reception of the news of his unemployment includes statements of doubt about her spouse such as “He could have coordinated his time off with the wedding ceremony” “Just as was expected, they’re living a gigolo lifestyle” “Wasn’t Utada his main source of income?

According to the article, Francesco worked as a bartender at the hotel, but retired from the job without taking proper time off for the wedding.” Sony Music Entertainment Japan has said in response to Japanese News outlet Mai Channel shared in a report this morning.Further details are unknown, but according to Nikkan Sports, rumors have been spreading around Calianno’s hometown of Fasano, Italy, and acquaintances claim that they ““This report comes after nearly 4 years of marriage and having a child together, following periodical rumors of the couple parting ways making headlines, with articles claiming that he was unemployed and living off her money.On February 3, 2014, it was revealed that Utada was engaged to Calianno.On the singer’s website, they explained that the two met while Calianno was working as a bartender in a London hotel.

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