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In fact, most of them have remained friends since filming wrapped and several of the contestants went on a Vegas trip together a year later."The only time we were recognized was maybe a year after the show aired, five of the girls, we all went to Vegas together and we were recognized there by some British people, because they said the Brits loved the show," Copeland says. At the end of filming, Hicks says he had a "25 minute or half-hour chat" with a few of the contestants (including the woman who fell for HRH hard), but says he he didn't feel bad about lying to them for a month beforehand. "It was quite an emotional rollercoaster really, but I think it was alright." From Hicks' perspective, girls were upset, but the reason was unclear.

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In fact, when she was sent home in the penultimate episode, it seemed to be a direct result of her rather open skepticism about Hicks' true identity."I think I didn't play well for the producers and editors because I wasn't willing to call him Harry," she says.The show's producers went to great lengths to trick the women on the show into thinking they were dating Prince Harry — going as far as bringing in a fake therapist to counsel skeptics."The producers would do things when the cameras weren't rolling," Jones explains.Jones says a friend submitted the application for her, and Birch thought the show could be good exposure for her acting career.They didn't love being lied to, that's for sure, but most of them are surprisingly zen about the televised deception, at least four years removed from the show.

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