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Or in the worst case, your whole site could go down and that’s not fun for anyone.

Those reservations (significant though they are) aside, there are still a few ways to protect yourself and automate parts of Word Press without opening yourself up to much (if any) risk.

So let’s say you fall into one of those two groups and you’d like to disable automatic Word Press updates.

To do that you will have to either edit your file manually or use a plugin.

If you’ve made customizations to the core of Word Press.

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The benefits of automatic updates seem pretty obvious.However, some people may not want nightly builds and development updates included–just the important security, minor and major changes.To disable those add the following bit of code to your file and you’re all set.In this section I will cover the manual method and below I’ll cover the plugin options.To manually disable automatic updates for Word Press all you have to do is add the following line of code to your file: While this will disable Word Press automatic updates, you will still be notified when there is a new version available.

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