Updating wii system menu

Modifying your Wii's software will void your Wii system's warranty and can potentially damage your console if done incorrectly. You either did it wrong or downloaded the wrong files. If your Wii stays frozen and will not boot, it means your Wii has suffered an unrecoverable brick, which is very rare, but not impossible.

Such Wii System Updates may include new Wii Connect24 functionality, upgrades to preinstalled Wii Channels, new channels, support for downloadable channels, Wii Menu or Message Board design changes, repairing crashes, and blocking illegal loading devices such as the Free Loader by Datel.

(November 30, 2006): Fixed exploits in the Wii Shop Channel.

(December 19, 2006): Activated the functionality of the Forecast Channel, as data had not been sent to it before this point.

This region locking is enforced by the system menu.

A workaround was to create the title data directory manually on the NAND.

Now that allows installing the channel properly, the channel will remain broken until reinstalled.

The Wii Menu, commonly known as the "System Menu", is the top-level menu interface of the Wii game console, allowing the player to navigate/launch channels, change settings, access the message board/address book, use the SD card, and load discs.

The channels are displayed on a 4:3 grid with 4 pages, which the player navigates using the Wii Remote.

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