Updating the lync 2016 address

I started the troubleshooting process as such: This is a screenshot (edited) of the incorrect information in the Gal file: Below is a screenshot (edited) of what the updated information should look like in the Gal file after the fixes, later in this article, are applied.

I opened up the RTCAB database and ran the following SQL command.

First, it tries to do the Autodiscover by using the address in Autodiscover, since you already have this address in the Exchange Certificate and you ought to keep costs low.

In this particular case, Skype for Business will only be able to work with the address in its certificate, everything is going to work fine.

When information is changed in AD it can be very frustrating for administrators when it is updated and shows the new information for some but not others.

The Lync address book process can be very vague about the locations it collects the information from and the priority it applies to conflicting information.Well that is mostly correct, as it required 3 of the above resolutions in the correct order to resolve the issue. To create the issue this seems to be the process of events.The information that was updated for the user was the Title and Department fields in AD.A local Outlook Contact will override the local Lync Address Book.The local Lync Address Book will override information kept in the Lync Address Book Services Web Query (ABS-WQ).

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