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And this causes an inevitable clash with all the promo copy they have written in dozens of languages on a myriad of Apple websites -- promo blurbs that say you get i Life with every new Mac.I should say that I bought the Mac Mini server version to get the hardware.

When you click on a snapshot, you will immediately be shown that model's live cam show.

One little "gotcha" that you mention briefly is that Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server does not come with the i Life software -- despite numerous references all over Apple's websites stating that the i Life programs are "all part of every new Mac" and "Every Mac comes with the world's most advanced operating system, as well as i Photo, i Movie, and Garage Band ..." Before purchasing my Mac Mini Server, I net-chatted on two occasions with sales support and they assured me that all Macs come with i Life.

So I ordered -- and soon found that the Mac Mini Server doesn't.

However, I am annoyed by the delay whenever the external hard drive has to wake from sleep.

Also I really don't like the glossy monitor of the i Mac.

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