Updating nis maps linux

All the packages required for NIS clients are a standard part of most Fedora installations. Install the package according to the steps outlined in Chapter 6,"Installing Linux Software". [[email protected] tmp]# service ypxfrd start Starting YP map server: [ OK ] [[email protected] tmp]# chkconfig ypbind on [[email protected] tmp]# chkconfig ypxfrd on [[email protected] tmp]# rpcinfo -p localhost program vers proto port 100000 2 tcp 111 portmapper 100000 2 udp 111 portmapper 100003 nfs 100003 nfs 100021 nlockmgr 100021 nlockmgr 100021 nlockmgr 100004 2 udp 784 ypserv 100004 1 udp 784 ypserv 100004 2 tcp 787 ypserv 100004 1 tcp 787 ypserv 100009 1 udp 798 yppasswdd 600100069 1 udp 850 fypxfrd 600100069 1 tcp 852 fypxfrd 100007 2 udp 924 ypbind 100007 1 udp 924 ypbind 100007 2 tcp 927 ypbind 100007 1 tcp 927 ypbind [[email protected] tmp]# New NIS users can be created by logging into the NIS server and creating the new user account.You need to add the NIS domain you wish to use in the /etc/sysconfig/network file. In this case, you'll create a user account called nisuser and give it a new password.The lab instructor did some research and created an implementation plan: You have the scenario and the plan, it's time to get to work.Here are the steps to configure the NFS server in this scenario: 1.NIS clients download the necessary username and password data from the NIS server to verify each user login.An advantage of NIS is that users need to change their passwords on the NIS server only, instead of every system on the network.

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Now that you have decided on the name of the NIS domain, you'll have to use the ypinit command to create the associated authentication files for the domain. [[email protected] tmp]# useradd -g users nisuser [[email protected] tmp]# passwd nisuser Changing password for user nisuser.

You also need to configure the NFS clients to mount their /home directories on the NFS server. In a production environment in which the /home directory would be actively used, you'd have to force the users to log off, backup the data, restore it to the NFS server, and then follow the steps below. Edit your /etc/auto.master file to refer to file /etc/for mounting information whenever the /home directory is accessed. If the line is too long to view on your screen, you can add a \ character at the end to continue on the next line.

As this is a lab environment, these prerequisites aren't necessary. Make sure the required netfs, nfslock, and portmap daemons are running and configured to start after the next reboot. After doing this, you won't be able to see the contents of the /home directory on bigboy as user root.

The configuration of the NIS server is not difficult, but requires many steps that you may overlook. Note: In the early days, NIS was called Yellow Pages. You can now start the ypbind and the ypxfrd daemons because the NIS domain files have been created.

The developers had to change the name after a copyright infringement lawsuit, yet many of the key programs associated with NIS have kept their original names beginning with yp. [[email protected] tmp]# service ypbind start Binding to the NIS domain: [ OK ] Listening for an NIS domain server.

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