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Have installed everything for my Pod XT live and things are fine.But the workbench is proving to be a pain in the ar$e I keep having problems with Java...The easiest way to do this is to edit the “eclipse.ini” file in the root of your Eclipse installation to specify an additional option to the JVM when Eclipse is started.The option is '-Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2, TLSv1.1, TLSv1' and should be located after “-vmargs” flag so that the option is directed to the JVM.Workbench Integrated Suite was tested in the following environments: It is likely to work on other 64 bit Windows, Linux, or Mac environments provided that the Eclipse version mentioned below is used along with a compatible Java 1.8 (build 72 or later) JRE, but only the environments above are officially supported. "Check for Updates", a subsequent installation of WBIS may result in a non-working installation of WBIS.The following eclipse distribution is officially supported. On Mac, you may see An internal error occurred during: "Task List Save Job. This condition is marked by a pop-up dialog that says 'Initialize RSE' has encountered a problem.In the "Location" edit box paste the following URL: https://vdc-download.vmware.com/v2/update/vmwbpkg/wbis-comp/3.5.7(note that this URL is for the Eclipse IDE and not viewable in a browser) Check the 'VMware Workbench Integrated Suite” box to install all Workbench IS features.

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Log in with your My VMware account credentials, then select Download, and accept the EULA.

) Workbench IS runs in the context of your existing Eclipse installation, which means that it uses whatever Java run-time environment that you have installed.

Workbench IS connectivity to remote systems using TLS/SSL is dependent on the configuration of the underlying JRE.

Is there any sort of update or way round for the Variax Workbench or are we older variax users being left to drown whilst you promote your nice new Variax???

Thank you Hi You can't run the Workbench hardware device in Windows 7 64 bit at present - driver issues - this is the dedicated Variax Workbench USB interface rather than an XT Live or X3 Live, both of which DO work under Windows 7 (32 & 64).

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