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I have been moving over the data from one database to another and am currently using XML files as an intermediate step.The process has been going very smoothly, and I just learned something new. I thought they were referring to the DB's insert functionality, and so, I thought I had to turn it OFF in order to insert my own values.

It’s important to note the sequences can be cached and are not guaranteed to be in sequential order. A property of a table that is set by initial seed value (starting value).

It is Hans is an Independent Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse Consultant & Microsoft SQL Server Consultant, working in the Netherlands.

He has been working in the software industry since 1996, with SQL Server since the year 2001, and since 2008 he has a primary focus on datawarehouse- and business intelligence projects using Microsoft technology, using a Datavault and Kimball architecture.

Summary So, this was just a quick look what a Sequence is compared to an Identity column. If you’re looking for a unique value your best bet it to go with an Identity Column and the Primary Key option.

If you want just an auto-generated value to be able to use in an application outside of a table a Sequence is a sure bet.

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