Updating hacked psp

For psp 2000 with CFW is already hacked and can be upgraded to the latest CFW. For psp 2000 with OFW below or equal to 5.03, it can only be hacked without a pandora.For psp 2000 with OFW above 5.03 it can not be hacked at the moment.It is a special battery and a memory stick with certain files on it, that combined, they can hack a psp or unbrick (fix) it in almosy every software issue.It is the windows equivalent of "format" or "system restore." 4) What is my firmware (psp's software)?

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Tutorial here: and the file and enable chick Hen Tutorial here and the file: WARNING!Once you’ve installed CFW 5.03 GEN-C on your PSP, you’ll also be able to run games on PSP that require firmware 6.10.PSP 3000, 2000 TA-088v3 users please continue reading.They also must already have cfw or at least be homebrew enabled with kernel access.Before explaining anything i do recommend that you buy the pandora as you may brick your psp at any time and having an extra pandora will come in handy!

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