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Link to Open GL support by Mac model have their own release for certain Mac GPUs - this is the current driver as of December 2015 However, they are predominantly for the Quadro series of aftermarket cards rather than default cards supplied by Apple.

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An integrated graphics processor is a small graphics chip that is actually part of the Mac's main processor (CPU) - rather than having a 'dedicated' graphics card (or GPU - 'graphics processing unit'), which is a completely separate graphics card that works alongside the main CPU in order to give graphics performance a much bigger boost.

I only realized all this because I had massive performance issues after the upgrade to High Sierra (with its brand new graphics subsystem, Metal2), so basically I wondered the same thing, "Do I need to update the drivers? With the drivers from Nvidia it's now a lot smoother.

In this article we explain the advantages of using an external graphics card with your Mac or Mac Book, and round up the best buying options currently available.

They're somewhat hard to find if you just go through Nvidia's driver search feature, but they're an easy find if you just Google "Nvidia driver OS X" your OS X version (e.g. For example, here is Nvidia's current (as of December 2015) driver for OS X El Capitan 10.11.2.

As it says in the release notes, support for some newer models of i Macs and Mac Book Pros with Ge Force cards is in beta.

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