Updating facebook status via email

As for the format, it's just a bulleted list, referencing an ID (everything has an ID, from defects to tasks to documents) and a few sentences about what we did regarding it.

The overall length of the document should be about a page - if the supervisor has any questions, they'll ask for more details.

If your looking for a document template I like quadrant reports.

They provide the ability for a person to quickly scan a document and see a project status visual via a traffic light.

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Visit Stack Exchange An effective status report tells your project stakeholders in a clear, concise manner where the project is at and how well it's going.

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If there are any important issues, you can also include a "notes" section.

It's just something that can be referred to later, if there are any questions as to what was happening. When you put your tasks in writing, you can keep track of why you did things, why you ran into problems, how you solved them, and so on.

The time cards tell a story of what we worked on and for how long, but it doesn't answer anything about a "why? This is the kind of thing that's useful during performance evaluations and just to know how a project went during a retrospective.

If the audience so desires, they can read about a certain area.

Here is an example: Status-Rev Note, that this is an excerpt from the book, The Handbook of Program Management by James T Brown.

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