Updating brick exterior house

Personally, I love to see creative minds at work and one of my favorites is to see what updates can be done to an older home to make it more attractive and inviting from the outside.

Sometimes seeing before and after remodeling pictures can spark interest in upgrading your own home.

The weather hasn’t been perfect for photos and our landscaping isn’t looking it’s finest at the moment, but I couldn’t give two flying squirrels because I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT OUR PAINTED BRICK HOUSE THAT I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN. And I’m a 36 year old suburban mom, so that’s saying something. This is our third brick house and I’ve daydreamed about painting ALL of them at some point, so this is basically a 12 year fantasy that has finally been realized.

Our house is so heartbreakingly beautiful I literally would not be surprised if it started glimmering in the sun like Edward the vampire from Twilight. John has been interested in the idea, but he is so dang practical.

Freshome readers tell us how you have updated the exterior of your home on a budget!

Painting exterior brick can be a simple way to give your home a fresh, on-trend look.

The roof line changed with the addition of the dormers, the brick and front door were painted and the landscaping (or lack thereof) was completely redone.

This Tudor home update found on Coastal Living was a major remodeling project. Please share in the comments below and tell me which home remodeling project you liked the best and why.

Regardless if you have any need for updating, I think you will enjoy this collection of before and after photos. But just like anything, there are so many different types of brick and the original brick on this home found on the Nest Egg wasn’t attractive. She painted this brick home a cream color and it made such a difference! Another great redo by painting the brick was found on the blog A Painted House.

These exterior home remodeling projects deliver mass curb appeal and are truly OMG worthy. It was multi color with some gray bricks thrown in. It brightened up the facade immensely and even made it look larger. I love the color that Angela picked for her updated ranch. It doesn’t always have to take a lot of money to freshen up the exterior of a home. The after picture is so much more welcoming with just a few changes.

My neighborhood always starts to buzz with contractor traffic and landscapers once the weather breaks.

Spring is also the start of a very busy season for home buyers.

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