Updating blu ray player

Although you can use this player with a non-4K TVs (you just won't get the benefit of its 4K capabilities), your TV must have an HDMI input to accept a video signal.On the other hand, the X800 does provide two HDMI outputs, one of which dedicated to audio-only output.OPPO's decision to not include this capability, was, instead, to emphasize the best audio and video quality possible.Since most TVs now provide access to abundant streaming content, and, with the HDMI input, you can connect a media streamer of your choice, OPPO felt that providing internet streaming capability on the UDP-203 would be redundant.

If you don't mind skipping the bells and whistles, then the Samsung BD-J5100 is a great option for a basic Blu-ray player at a less expensive price point.Additional capabilities include playback of still images, video, and music stored on USB flash drives or other compatible devices.These can be accessed via the front mounted USB port (you can also use the USB port to plug an external windows mouse or keyboard).Another unique feature is the inclusion of an HDMI input.What this means is that users can connect an external device that has an HDMI output (cable/satellite box, media streamer, etc...) and takes advantage of both the internal video and audio processing capabilities (including HDMI-to-analog audio conversion) of the 203.

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