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Those discoveries, she says, were "horrifying." "It was this moment of realization, she says. This thing that I believed to be real and true was actually the result of a set of manipulations." By the time she was registering a profile on a PUA message board, her perspective was different. "I wasn't so emotionally entangled," she says.

And that grey area she'd experienced — the shaky uncertainty of what's true and what's false in a relationship — became a source of creative fascination.

The deception was that my name was Jay and not Jenny," she says.

The question of why Jay was posting in the first place, however, is complicated — far more complicated than any of his relationship advice.

She says she often worried about how she could ever take this project and bring it into a gallery.

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When she spent time on the PUA forums, she kept seeing a lot of similar advice.But Laiwint says the project's focus isn't politics."In doing this, I realized I was actually trying to heal my own wounds. His real identity is Jennifer Laiwint, and Laiwint, unlike just about everyone you'll find in the PUA community, is a she. In real life, Jay is an artist — and not one of the pick-up variety.

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