Uga football player and dating

Frierson: Last one, in a perfect world, what are you doing 15 years from now?

Simmons: In 15 years I see myself either still in the (NFL) if everything goes as planned or if not in the league I see myself working for preferably Nike but if not Nike, then adidas or Under Armour.

That’s a weird different two but I’m a big candy guy — growing up my grandmom always said I was going to have all these cavities; didn’t have them (laugh).

The 6-foot, 201-pounder from Powder Springs, Ga., is the leader of a young, tall — there are a lot of guys 6-2 or taller — and talented wide receiver group, and Simmons is fully embracing his leadership role.Simmons: I’m a big beach guy and I’ve been seeing a lot of posts of people visiting like Bora Bora and places like that, so I’m really into going somewhere like that.It’s beautiful, the water’s clear and it seems like it will just get your mind off of everything. I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to go there. Frierson: What’s the most creative thing you do, or something creative you wish you could do?Simmons: Yeah, it is, just to know that you can help somebody else better their game, it goes a long way.Frierson: What was the most fun or interesting thing you did this summer?

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