Truth online dating

I will give you that I can get higher quality in night game, but to outright say you can't find decent chicks to bang online is ridiculous in my opinion.Some of my best memories traveling have been with Tinder chicks.Certainly I've had bangs from online and I'm less attractive than the guy pictured (although I've had much more success with okcupid than with tinder), and I'm gaming in a difficult city.Even if the ROI could be proven to be 2/100 (assuming the fake profile bangs both his matches), that's not that much worse than day game statistics.

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Sure, girls mostly use that app to quell boredom and get some validation while simultaneously window-shopping for Prince Charming / Chad Thundercock.

if none of the pics were taken anywhere near your town/city (notwithstanding the ability to do a reverse image search).

Womens’ intuition tends to be more refined than men’s too.

Ruggedness, despite sometimes not being aesthetically pleasing, is most certainly a metric that women tend to judge by, among other things.

Don’t discount the possibility that women who swiped left on this profile sensed they were stock images; a scam of sorts.

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