Tricky 112 dating houston

The album, Part III, was released on March 20, 2001, following an intensive barrage of advance radio publicity.Even in the absence of Combs, Part III took off with a running start.Both the album and the song "Love Me" were certified gold.Album sales surpassed the platinum level by January 1999, and double platinum sales were recorded in 2002.

For groups handling 1-1-2, see 112 (emergency telephone number). 112 (pronounced "one-twelve") is an American R&B quartet from Atlanta, Georgia.

They met a high tenor vocalist Marvin Scandrick who sang with them in the school chorus.

Known as Forte, the group performed talent shows and performed at churches and schools around Atlanta.

A series of single tracks by 112 populated the charts in 1997, beginning with the Tim & Bob produced single "Come See Me," which hit the top 40 in January.

"Cupid," Produced by Arnold Hennings, released in May, made the top 10 and was certified gold in the same month. Another 1997 single, "I'll Be Missing You," hit the top 40 in June and was certified triple platinum by July.

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