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After researching and signing up for e Book creator services, we think the Atavist platform is the best option, and it is versatile enough to help you with most of your web-publishing needs.

Since it isn’t exclusively an e Book creator, it can also help you publish photobooks and magazines.

It’s missing some of the templates and online publishing options other programs have, but you can create professional-looking e Books, and the software isn’t overwhelming to use.With its many template types, you can use i Books Author to create all kinds of digital content on your Apple devices, including presentations and photobooks.You can also combine file types to insert photos or videos into text or mix and match templates to create unique projects.You can embed videos and photos in articles and combine template types, though you might find this a bit challenging if you’ve never done it before.Atavist also does a decent check of your work to prevent errors in the uploading process.

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