Teen dating ct

Anyone can help promote positive teen relationships.Join the conversation with your local domestic violence experts – our member organizations! If you have questions or would like information, please contact Joanne Tremblay Jackson, LCSW, ACSW, Director of Support Services Social, Psychological and Behavioral Hartford Public Schools (860) 695-8725 3.And we know that early exposure to abusive or violent relationships increases the likelihood of those types of relationships being repeated later in life.So having these conversations at an early age and modeling healthy relationships is critical to having a longterm impact on domestic violence.

The app will display graphic novellas accessed via a video game, through which users choose a character they relate to, and subsequently pick behaviors that result in either positive or negative consequences.

But did you know that in Connecticut, according to the CT Dept.

of Public Health, 6.5% of high school students surveyed experienced PHYSICAL DATING VIOLENCE, while 23.3%experienced EMOTIONAL DATING VIOLENCE?

“The grant will allow organizations across the state to train health care providers to know how to ask questions around intimate partner violence, to solicit answers that are honest, and that lead to referrals [to related services], said Deb Poulin, spokesperson for the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut. Karen Jubanyik, an emergency medicine physician on the Medical School Faculty at Yale University.

She said getting victims to identify their partners or spouses as their abusers is not easy, even when they’ve just been physically harmed by them.

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