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The shock statistics mean at least one in ten of the population falls victim every year and the crime is double previously reported levels.

Last night City of London Police, who run the national Action Fraud reporting centre, warned every neighbourhood and community was being hit.

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THE true scale of cyber-crime and fraud was revealed yesterday as almost six million offences.

“If you have not already set up anti-theft software on your smartphone, then download it and register immediately.” WHAT IS IT?

Criminals infiltrate computer systems and steal sensitive personal details to use for crime.

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He said: “She was fond of saying crime is falling but, as people can see, crime has moved.” A recent Portsmouth University report estimated that fraud costs the economy an annual £193billion.

Here we outline the most common types of online scams while Pete Turner, of security software company AVG Technologies, offers his expert advice. Scammers try to convince people to reveal personal information such as their passwords or bank details online.

CASE STUDY: PR consultant Sally Jones was conned out of £1,000 after believing her laptop was infected with a virus.

It’s vital businesses up their game.” Policing minister Brandon Lewis said the Government was spending £1.9billion to fight cyber-crime over the next five years.

But Labour’s Jack Dromey said the figures showed crime was not falling but changing.

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