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The motivation for the creation of a soc.culture.scottish newsgroup is not separatist. In addition CSSA's business growth service provides support and advice to a further 700 young, hi-tech companies.The new newsgroup will serve the distinct needs of the Scottish people in the same way as say the existing news:soc.culture.quebec and news:soc.culture.berber newsgroups serve the distinct needs of the Quebec and Berber peoples. Patent search ------------- Scottish Crofters is a web-based import store.

Thanks to all those who have contributed articles, comments and corrections to this FAQ. I already get too much mail to be able to answer it all. Previously, many people have used either news:soc.culture.british or news:soc.culture.celtic, but this situation is increasingly difficult. Since the 2003 Act, superiorities have been eliminated, and all former vassals are now "owners".There is also an associated e-mail list for the newsgroup. Rationale ========= Millions of people worldwide are of Scottish descent, and there is sufficient demand for a forum to discuss specifically Scottish topics. Prior to that date the rights to land were split between dominium utile (right of use) belonging to a "vassal", and the dominimum directum belonging to a "superior".This FAQ is a living document, if there's any corrections, additions or comments you'd like to make, please send them to me for the next edition. Many new Usenet users are at a loss when they fail to find a group with Scottish or Scotland in the title. The vassal was liable to give a "feu duty" to the superior: originally this could have been military service, a quantity of grain or other obligations; in the C18th these were all converted to payment of sums of money.The Internet's first guide to Scotland and Scottish culture. This newsgroup will be created for reasons including, but not restricted to, the following: * To encourage understanding and discussion of Scotland and Scottish culture, in the many ways people wish to define it. Even before the recent Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, trespass has long been a delict (civil wrong) which is remediable by the remedies of interdict and damages.Foreword -------- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the soc.culture.scottish usenet newsgroup and Scottish information likely to be of general interest. * To act as a focus for the Scottish Diaspora (Scottish people, including emigrants and their descendants) and to draw together the global threads of the Scottish nation. However, The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 amends the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 and establishes a statutory right of access.

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