Tales of dating and mating

And really KNOWING a woman has been sexually active can impact the way a man looks at a woman. Codes : Mf, teen, cons, reluct, het, inc, lac, pett, preg, oral Daughter's Reward Summary : To get Megan to improve her behavior and do better in school, Daddy gave her little rewards when she did better. Codes : MA, FA, mt, ft, first time, petting, oral, masturbation, incest, pregnancy, romance Familiarity Breeds Sister Summary : Beth Ann cannot understand why her twin brother masturbates incessantly.When he finds out she's never rubbed her virgin pussy, he helps her understand what the attraction is.

It's hard work, but it's his Aunt who "straightens" him out. It's a pretty strange family and Bobby's exposed to some pretty strange things. Codes : mf, Mf, m F, harem, slow, 1st, teen, cons, cous, fath, dau, aunt, neph, het, voy, mastrb, preg Flossie's Revenge Summary : It was 1960, in the segregated South, and Flossie found herself in a situation where, quite unintentionally, she advanced the cause of integration in her one room school house by twenty years.

So, it’s friday night and you sitting in the dorm room.

Where do you want to get things started, to get your ass laid!

She thinks that's not fair and that his stories about what boys want on dates are all bull. That's no gem of wisdom, in and of itself, but pregnancy also changes the way a man perceives a woman. Then, in the big game, he got hurt and she had to take care of him. And she used it to get everything she'd missed out on before. Since the passion unleashed in the kids was extreme, it seemed like extreme measures were called for.

When a man sees a pregnant woman, he can't help but reflect on the proof that she is, or at least has been, sexually active. Codes : mf, 1st, teen, reluc, inc, bro, sis, het, oral, mastrb, preg Don't Ask, Don't Tell (PREVIEW)Summary : Bobby's sister had been in a coma over 6 months. Have you ever heard that old saying: From the frying pan into the fire?

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