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The campus is located in Plattsburgh, a small, friendly, and safe city of 20,000 in northern New York State, 60 miles south of Montreal, Canada, the largest French-speaking city in the Americas.

Plattsburgh's proximity to mountains, lakes, and rivers makes it an excellent place for outdoor adventure.

Opportunities Available: Campaign Awareness Intern Responsibilities of this position may include, but not be limited to: developing your own campaign for the semester that educates the campus community of issues as they relate to inequality, discrimination, harassment, and/or violence.

(Example: SUNY-wide collaboration to collect donations for those in need, sex positive workshop).

Back home there is a person who recruits students for SUNY Plattsburgh.

They have a surprisingly large international student population there.

What makes the educational experience at SUNY Plattsburgh extraordinary is the abundance of opportunities for experiential learning including faculty-student research, internships, and community service.

Unfortunately he passed away and I returned home to Tanzania unsure of what my plan was.

Are you passionate about LGBTQ concerns and looking to work with faculty and staff to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment?

The Title IX office & RADIUS, LGBTQ Resource is currently looking for interns for the Fall 2019 semester.

My best friend's family took me in and it turns out that his grandfather has a hospital in Tanzania.

RADIUS is a new LGBTQ program on SUNY Plattsburgh campus launched in March 2017 by the Title IX Office.

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