Subject for first email online dating what to expect when dating a hispanic man

Well I'll let you go for now, but I hope that you're having a great weekend Cheers, Mike Subject: You'd be impressed with my Netflix DVD queue ...

very British comedy / Period piece / documentary heavy on my recommendations and queue So hey - I really enjoyed your profile and thought I'd drop you a line.

I'd condense them by at least half - keep in the money bits.

Ill post some updates shorter emails for younger chicks when I get a few.

These longer witty emails were for my targets who were 26-30 with grad degrees, literataey references, etc.

My bad for not updating - I honestly thought this thread was dormant for good though.

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Ill post some updates shorter emails for younger chicks when I get a few. I really enjoyed reading about you - am wondering if you grew up in (redacted)?

It seems like we might have a ton in common - we're both southerners, tennis aficionados, artsy, and well-traveled.

I actually played tennis in college for a couple of years and my parents are TOTAL junkies...

In my opinion you don't have to worry about being "beta" on emails - everybody is beta on and 95% of guys are also lazy as fuck in addition.

You'll stand out with strong emails and then when you meet on a date you're alpha, cool, confident, etc. Judging from your profile you may have even lived there for a spell - I'm very interested in visiting (I think I'd rank it second on my hit list behind Japan) and hope to make it happen in 2013.

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