Sqlcachedependency not invalidating cache 2016

NET application's Cache object and either a specific SQL Server database table or the results of a SQL Server 2005 query. Sql Dependency class when using a SQL Server 2005 database.

The query notification mechanism of SQL Server 2005 detects changes to data that invalidate the results of an SQL query and removes any cached items associated with the SQL query from the System. Caching class to add items to your application's Cache that are dependent on either a SQL Server database table or on an SQL query when using SQL Server 2005.

Hi ljp007, Here are some links about invalidating Sql Cache Dependency: they help.

Thanks, Control of the page and the controls on a page I am building a web app that has some pages that are public and some that are only available based on subscription.

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I was putting script tag in the content page that is not allowed.Query notification using SQL Server 2005 is not supported on the directive for user controls.For this class to work correctly when using table-based notifications, the database and any tables that you want to make dependencies on must have notifications enabled.Could someone explain the best way (infrastructure wise) how to control whether a server control is visible or enabledand how to control whether a page is viewable or not based on the user and whether or not the user is logged in (or not).If a user is not logged in I would like some controls to be visible but disabled.

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